Sunday, June 2, 2013

Faces of Ethnobiology: Sarah Halpern

Hello! My name is Sarah Halpern.  I am from Charleston, SC and am fairly new to the field of ethnobiology.  I just finished my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Vermont where I studied environmental studies.  I also took many courses in the geography department, from which I received a minor in human geography.  I found that I am very interested in mankind’s perception of nature and how that plays a role in conservation.

While in school, I also was able to spend a semester studying coastal ecology and natural resource management in Zanzibar, Tanzania.  There, I worked in a fishing village researching the many uses of the coconut palms and created a possible conservation plan for the tree.

I was fortunate to find an internship with the ISE while living in Vermont.  I help the ISE Director, Natasha Duarte, with the ISE online forum.  I have moved back to South Carolina, where I am continuing this work.  I have plans to move to Hawaii in the near future to hopefully find work within the field and to continue my studies on a graduate level.

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