Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I am Anna Varga and I am from Hungary. I am Assistant Research Fellow at the Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences since September 2013. 

My family is from the countryside and my grandparents were farmers. We still manage a small family vineyard. Those experinences have shown me the way to the ethnobiology. I am interested in biocultural diversity of  agroforestry-systems, especially on silvopastoral systems in the Carpathian-basin (Hungary, Romania). I am writing my PhD about traditional ecological knowledge and landscape history of wood pastures in Hungary. For my research – which explores landscape history, botany and traditional ecological knowledge– I am interviewing shepherds,farmers, NGO representatives and rangers of national parks. One of my current project is how rangers can integrate traditonal ecological knowledge in their work. My other interest now is tending the wild magagment in communinty managaments in East-Central Europe. A very important part of my life is teaching and community-building for young and adult people. I am a member of the Eastern European Ethnobiologist Network. I am the leader of  Hungarian Association for Land and People NGO (Táj és Ember NKTKE).For example we organize Ethnobiology Science Café every months in 2 universities. You can read more about this NGO: http://www.terralinguaubuntu.org/Langscape/Volume_2/langscape-2-13

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