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Ethnobiologists' stories from around the World

A regular blog post of the International Emerging Ethnobiologists' Network

Stories help us understand the past, the present and the future and sharing stories builds communities. Our community is one of ethnobiologists from around the world. We will compile of a story collection here. Our goal is to keep our community united and continue to build community through a collection of stories. We think this site will also be helpful for people thinking about a career in ethnobiology, and would like to learn how others found this path. 

To share your story, e-mail us the answers to the following information. We ask you keep the word count to under 700 words and don't forget to include pictures. 

A) An Introduction:

1) What is your name?
2) Where are you from?
3) Where do you work now?
4) What are three keywords describing your work? 

B) Your Story: 

1) Why did you become an ethnobiologist?
2) What is one of the most memorable experiences from your work?
3) What is your future plan?

C) Your Pictures

Please provide pictures, of yourself, of your fieldwork, or both. If you did not take the pictures, please send the name of the photographer so we can attribute them credit. 

D) Alternative Format

We can accommodate ideas for alternative formats such as photo essays, videos, or podcasts. If you are interested in these alternative presentations, please contact us to make sure your files are compatible with our blog interface. 

Need Ideas?

1. Dr. Gail Wagner, a mentor from the 2012 pre-congress workshop, suggested a great example of how botany professionals have presented their stories, click here to see. These stories on this site are longer than we've asked for, but they provide a good point of reference. 

2. Or, how about interviewing someone influential in your career and and sharing their story on this blog?

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