Monday, April 28, 2014

Workshop Mentors: Jon Corbett

Jon Corbett will lead our activities related to balancing academic and practical research outcomes. 

Here is a description of his workshop session: 

Using an example from a community-based research project that I worked on from 2006 - 2012, I will begin this session by discussing some of the complexities that I have faced undertaking research with Indigenous communities (40 minutes with questions). I will talk about brokering relationships between the community and the university, balancing personal and research needs and managing collaborator expectations. I will reflect on how these complexities transform as I have matured as a researcher, from doctoral to post-doctoral student, through to assistant and then associate professor. After my presentation, we will split into smaller groups and allow participants to share some of own experiences (20 minutes). The composition of small groups will reflect the diversity of students at different stages of their studies (masters, doctoral and post-doctoral). Small groups will then report back to the full group, there will be time for reflection (30 minutes).

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