Monday, March 31, 2014

Faces of Ethnobiology: Archana Dhakal

I was born in Nepal and grew up there.  My educational background is diverse: B.Sc. in Microbiology, Nepal; MA in Rural Development, Nepal and currently doing another Masters’ in Anthropology, Canada. My current thesis is to do an anthropological study about the interaction between local women and medicinal plants in Marpha Village of Nepal. I’ll be working on the medicinal plants and the way it is intermixed with the life of Thakali women of Marpha Village in Nepal.  The three words that describe my work are gender, economy and medicinal plants.

I don’t consider myself as an ethnobiologist, but my field of work does touch a part of Ethnobiology. I just want to know the point of view of women towards medicinal plants in their locality. I yet don’t have any memories as I yet need to go to the field. My future is to continue to pursue this line of interaction between women and medicinal plants.

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