Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Participant Testimonial: Weijuan Huang

"I am Weijuan Huang from China. My experiences of pre-congress workshop in Montpellier 2012 was really unforgettable. It's my first time to go abroad, to attend  international workshop and to know the significance of ethnobiology. Before that, I was hesitated on the crossroad whether to go on the career path of my major ethnobotany.  After the workshop, I was realized that ethnobotany is really a useful discipline and tool to provide some ways or thoughts to find more plant resources, which not only means a lot to human beings but also makes the  indigenous people proud of their traditional culture. The workshp enlarged my horizon to do research on ethnobotany and gave me valueable opportunity to know new friends about what they do, what we had in common or difference in the study field and what we can learn from each other and how to build multual cooperations to develop some program on ethnobotany. There are much to say, but in all, I have to say thank you all joining in the workshop. It's you that make me not alone in the career path of  studying ethnobiology. 

 Best wishes,
Weijuan Huang"

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