Saturday, February 9, 2013

Past Workshop Participants' Testimonials

We will display a series of posts called "Past Workshop Participants' Testimonials". We hope these testimonials will be helpful to people thinking of attending the Pre-congress Workshop in Bhutan in 2014. To start, let's hear from Evelyn Roe, a participant of the 2012 Pre-congress Workshop in France.

"The 2012 Pre-Congress workshop was my first opportunity to meet other emerging ethnobotanists, as I've been working alone as a freelance researcher for many years. I found it inspirational, supportive, stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable. It made me certain that I wanted to do a Masters, and it also placed me on an imaginary 'spectrum' of ethnobotanical research: more holistic than fragmentary. Immediately after the Congress,  I made a successful application for a place on the MSc in Holistic Science at the wonderful Schumacher College in the UK, where I am now studying.”

Looking forward to Bhutan!
Best wishes,
Evelyn Roe"

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